Institute of Mother and Child
Address: 01-211 Warszawa, ul. Kasprzaka 17a
KRS: 0000050095
NIP: 525 000 84 71
REGON: 000 288 395
Central Registration
Registration: 22 32 77 050 - 051
Localization: Lipsk building, ground floor, 'A' Entrence
Pediatric Emergency Room
Phone: 22 32 77 324
Phone/Fax: 22 32 77 147
Localization: Main building
Obstetric Emergency Room
Phone: 22 32 77 438
Localization: Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic, Building X

Dear Guests,

Please remember that the Admissions Room is not a local clinic for women or children.
We do not provide information on patients hospitalised at the Clinic.
We do not provide medical advice by phone.

The following documents are required when you want to make an appointment for your child:

- your child's medical records book,

- PESEL number of the child,

- referral to the clinic,

- parent's ID document.

Director's Plenipotentiary for the Integrated Management System
Director's Plenipotentiary for Managerial Control
Director's Plenipotentiary for IT
Director's Plenipotentiary for PR
Clinical Trials Specialist
Director's Plenipotentiary for the Protection of Classified Data
Chief Accountant

Chief Accountant


  • Running the IMC's accounts in keeping with the adopted accounting policy and applicable legislation.
  • Approval of financial and accounting documents.
  • Developing procedures and regulations in the area of finance and accounting.
  • Supervision over the stock-taking of the IMC's assets and liabilities.
  • Collaborating with the Deputy Financial Director with regard to the management of the IMC' cash resources.
Accounting Department

Accounting Department


  • Keeping books of account in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Preparing the financial statements of the IMC in accordance with the Accounting Act, and preparing reports on the use of funds under EU programs, in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Record-keeping of VAT and preparation of monthly VAT returns (VAT-7).
  • Preparation of reports, summaries and information for the IMC Board.
  • Operating the IMC's cash desk, including the fiscal cash register.
  • Operating the cash assistance and lending programme.
Economic and Financial Department

Economic and Financial Department


  • Financial settlements and statements regarding contracts for commissioned projects and grants.
  • Monitoring of purchase and travel requests under agreements in the field of scientific activity (grants, commissioned projects).
  • Keeping the Central Registry of Contracts and Agreements.
  • Financial support for financial and accounting documents, cost and revenue documents.
  • Analysis of the information about the number of medical procedures performed internally.
  • Preparing the IMC financial plan and supervising its implementation.
  • Financial support for purchase and travel requests within the IMC.
  • Developing and updating the pricing lists of IMC services.
  • Developing a cost accounting methodology for the IMC.
  • Assessment of treatment costs for the IMC patients.
Work Safety and Hygiene Inspector

Work Safety and Hygiene Inspector


  • Ongoing monitoring of working conditions and compliance with legislation on work safety and hygiene among the IMC staff.
  • Training for IMC staff in the sphere of work safety and hygiene.
  • Evaluation of occupational hazards (occupational risks) and development of risk assessment at the workplace.
  • Conducting registers required by the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP).
  • Notifying superiors about the status of work safety and hygiene and about sources of occupational hazards at the IMC, and submitting proposals to remove the existing shortcomings and risks.
  • Participation in the development of plans to improve work safety and hygiene at the IMC, and monitoring the execution of those plans.
  • Approaching heads of organisational units at the IMC with motions to remove the deficiencies identified during inspections that fall within their respective competencies, and notifying superiors of the implementation of such motions.
  • Participation in reviews of working conditions at the IMC, as conducted by the Social Work Inspection (SIP). Participation in the works of the Committee on Work Safety and Hygiene.
  • Participation in post-accident investigations and development of conclusions based on examination of causes and circumstances of accidents at work, on the way to and from work, and of incidents of occupational diseases
Defence Inspector

Defence Inspector


  • Development and systematic updating of documentation as well as preparation of practical actions on matters of defence and civil defence at the IMC.
  • Planning and organising training for the IMC staff in the field of defence, crisis management and civil defence.
  • Cooperation with entities dealing with issues of defence, crisis management and civil defence.
  • Supervision of storage and maintenance of equipment intended for tasks related to defence and civil defence.
  • Participation in the preparation and implementation of actions to be taken in crisis situations.
Fire Safety Inspector

Fire Safety Inspector


  • Tasks related to fire safety of the IMC in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the fire safety status at the IMC.
  • Contacting supervisions with motions aimed at improving the fire safety at the IMC and requests for funding for investments in the field of fire safety.
  • Collaboration in the provision of fire safety training for the IMC staff and preparing the staff for active fire prevention and fire fighting.
  • Developing and updating Fire Safety Instructions.
  • Implementation of directives and regulations in the field of fire safety.
Procurement and Supplies Department

Procurement and Supplies Department


  • Preparation and supervision over documentation required for correct implementation of public procurement procedures and implementation of any activities involved in public procurement procedures.
  • Supervision over the execution of contracts signed as a result of procedures for the award of a public contract.
  • Execution of orders falling within and outside the Annual Procurement Plan.
  • Execution of order requests.
Administration Department

Administration Department


Within the Administration Section:

  • Administration of facilities, sites and construction infrastructure of the IMC, including the management of the IMC's premises.
  • Organising preparatory work for stock-keeping of the IMC's tangible assets and cash assets and implementation of stock-keeping exercises.

Within the External Transport Section:

  • Managing the fleet of motor vehicles at the IMC.
  • Provision of neonatal medical transport.
  • Provision of other transport services based on orders placed by organisational units of the IMC.

The IMC Post Room provides post-related services, such as acceptance and shipment of correspondence and courier-delivered parcels, as well as tasks related to internal document flow and correspondence.

The Telephone Switchboard provides telephone support for the IMC.


Milena Kraszewska-Sulich
tel. +48 22 32 77 232

Administrative Section


+48 22 32 77 232


External Transport Section


+48 22 32 77 213

IMC Post Room IMPORTANT! Room no. 7 (ground floor)


+48 22 32 77 403



+48 22 32 77 000
+48 22 32 77 001

Technical Department

Technical Department


  • Supervising the technical condition of construction facilities and technical equipment of the construction infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive preparation and implementation of repairs of premises and technical infrastructure and those related to maintenance of the IMC grounds and buildings.
  • Supervision and maintenance of technical infrastructure elements at the IMC.
Medical Instrumentation Department

Medical Instrumentation Department


  • Supervision and maintenance of medical equipment and laboratory equipment held by the IMC.
  • Periodic reviews of the technical condition of the medical equipment, sound equipment and audio-visual equipment.
Medical Instrumentation Department
IT Department

IT Department


  • Administration, maintenance, repairs and extension of the computer network, server rooms and databases and accompanying equipment.
  • Giving opinions and filing requests for the purchase of software, computers, monitors, printers and other peripherals, and installing purchased software and hardware.
  • Administration of operating systems and software within the IMC.
  • Running an informatisation policy for the IMC.
  • Running the electronic data archiving policy and performing the archiving of electronic data on IMC servers.
  • Running a security policy related to IT systems and data access.
HR and Payroll Department

HR and Payroll Department


  • Providing support for the IMC staff with regard to personnel matters and payroll.
  • Employment planning as well as planning of payroll fund for employees and non-employees.
  • Running employee records.
  • Controlling and analysing work discipline.
  • Controlling and supervising validity of examinations performed by occupational physicians.
  • Staff recruitment.
  • Preparation of reports, maintenance of registers.
  • Collaboration with internal trade unions.
Assessment and Co-operation Development Department

Assessment and Co-operation Development Department


  • Initiating, co-ordinating and conducting work related to expert opinions on products.
  • Promoting tasks and services performed by the IMC.
Department for Settlement of Medical Services

Department for Settlement of Medical Services


  • Settling contracts with the National Health Fund (NFZ).
  • Supervision over implementation of contracts with the NFZ.
  • Co-ordination and drafting of offers regarding the sale of medical services to the NFZ.
  • Supervision over reporting documentation for the NFZ, Minister of Health and the Warsaw Mayor Office.
  • Settling contracts for commercial medical services.
  • Supervision over implementation of contracts regarding health policy programmes and commercial medical services.
  • Co-ordination and drafting of offers and contracts regarding the sale of medical services to other buyers.
  • Supervision over settlement of medical services.
  • Preparing simulations and statistical data related to medical activities of the IMC.
Organisational Department

Organisational Department


  • Supervision and management of external registers, e.g. register maintained by the Mazowieckie Voivod, National Court Register (KRS) etc.
  • Drafting internal normative acts.
  • Coordinating legal services.
  • Monitoring contents of official journals of law.
  • Liaising with trade unions and local government organisations.
  • Coordination and preparation of offers and contracts for the sale of medical services to buyers other than NFZ.
Scientific Section

Scientific Section


  • Scientific projects,
  • R&D projects,
  • Statutory projects,
  • Bioethics Committee,
  • Post-graduate education,
  • Scientific library,
  • 'Developmental Period Medicine / Medicine for children and adolescents' - IMC scientific journal.

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