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Get to know better our new initial symptom analysis tool. In a short medical interview, we will ask you about your first symptoms, and the supplementary questions to develop the recommendations for your further action.

When to use an interview tool?

  • At the first symptoms of the disease
  • When you are not sure which doctor to go to
  • If you want to know your health better
  • To prepare, before the medical appointment


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How does the initial medical interview work?

The interview is based on a rich database of medical knowledge, connections between symptoms and diseases, and an engine using artificial intelligence that calculates the most likely medical scenarios.

Sounds complicated? From the patient's perspective, all you have to do is state your first symptoms and answer a series of questions. At the end, you will receive information on the type of assistance, possible diseases, appropriate medical specialization, and tips on how to proceed with your next steps.

  • 1. Open Symptom Checker when you feel unwell.
  • 2. Tick the risk factors.
  • 3. Enter your symptoms.
  • 4. Answer the questions.
  • 5. Get a list of the most likely diseases.
  • 6. Decide what to do next.

What’s next?

The results of the interview are only available to you. We care about your privacy, and the decision of what to do next remains in your hands. You can use the collected information to take further steps regarding your health, book an appointment, and even present it to your doctor.

The results of this medical interview can lead you to a wide spectrum of possible diseases. Consult them in your nearest medical facility or our Institute if they concern gynecology or pediatrics.

About the initial medical interview

The tool that we provide for you has been developed by doctors and engineers from Infermedica – a global leader in smart solutions for healthcare. The initial medical interview is a certified medical device that ensures a high level of accuracy and personal data protection standards.

13 milion

completed initial medical interviews


accuracy of results

84 thousand

working hours of doctors


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