Neonatology Department


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Our History

1950 – Poland's first model preterm birth unit and first preemie clinic are launched.
1953 – The first Neonatology Clinic in Poland is founded.

Our Services

The clinic specialises in treating premature babies with very or extremely low birth weight. We also treat term babies from high-risk pregnancies and complicated labours.

  • The Institute of Mother and Child is the only perinatal centre in the Mazowsze region where gynaecology and genetics clinics work together to provide prenatal diagnoses, making it possible for the mother to deliver a child with a diagnosed defect or give birth to a premature child without the necessity to transport the newborn to a different hospital. Intensive care and corrective surgery is available on the spot. This model is optimal for preemies and / or newborns requiring surgery to increase their chance of survival.

  • The clinic treats ca. 2300 infants each year, including 2000 in the Neonatology Unit in the ‘mother with child' system, and over 300 in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  • The clinic specialises in treating very prematurely born infants and, in cooperation with the Surgery Clinic, in treating infants with birth defects.

  • The clinic provides outpatient care to premature infants and babies born with birth defects after they have been discharged from the inpatient treatment. We specialise in evaluating somatic and neurological development and cooperate with a neuropaediatrician, psychologist and physical therapist.

  • Our diagnostic and treatment methods are constantly updated and consulted with selected perinatal medicine centres in Europe and the United States.

In our daily practice, we use the majority of latest diagnostic and treatment methods currently in use worldwide, such as:

  • surfactant therapy,

  • various methods of mechanical ventilation and positive airway pressure,

  • echographic monitoring of cardiovascular activity,

  • respiratory kinesiotherapy – shortens the weaning time from mechanical ventilation,

  • we promote early mother-infant bonding and skin-to-skin contact,

  • we offer a broad range of diagnostic imaging tests: X-ray, ultrasound, echography, CT and MRI scans,

  • we perform early development simulations.

Our doctors work in the Interdisciplinary Team for Diagnosis and Treatment of Foetal and Infant Congenital Disorders and international projects. We have a standing research cooperation with Unit 149 of INSERM (French equivalent of Polish Academy of Sciences) that specialises in mother and child medical issues.

  • We also conduct a broad range of educational activities. Our specialists teach doctors who want to focus on neonatology, paediatrics and obstetrics and our nurses are trainers in neonatal intensive care,

  • Our Clinic conducts a variety of research projects.

  • Our medical team has developed an original program of ‘Early Stimulation and Developmental Care for Newborns and Infants'. The program aims to provide prematurely born babies that had to stay in hospital for a longer period of time with optimal conditions for psychomotoric development.

Research programmes

  • Long-term Monitoring of the Changes in Population of Infants Born before GA 34 in Warsaw in Years 1998–1999 – a State Committee for Scientific Research grant (Komitet Badań Naukowych),

  • Netilmicin dosage optimization in the treatment of preemies – a study of pharmacokinetics and therapeutic drug monitoring measuring of medication concentration in blood,

  • Impact of AFE (Augmentation du flux expiratoire) respiratory kinesiotherapy on faster weaning from mechanical ventilation in premature babies and the frequency and scale of intraventricular and periventricular haemorrhage,

  • Impact of early stimulation and developmental care on the quality of psychomotoric development in premature babies


  • Resuscitation courses

  • Training for medical professionals specialising in neonatology

  • Neonatology certification course

  • Training for physical therapists in respiratory kinesiotherapy and early development stimulation for newborns and infants

  • Training courses for nurses

  • We offer comprehensive neonatology training

  • We are a certified training centre.


Our Strcture

  • Neonatology Unit

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  • Newborn Diseases Sub-Unit

helwich-ewa Head of Clinic
PhD Paweł Krajewski
22 32 77 406
Main Building, 2nd floor
szymczyk-eliza Charge Midwife
Eliza Szymczyk
22 32 77 160
piskala-beata Coordinating Midwife
Beata Piskała
22 32 77 034


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