Clinic of Paediatric Neurology

Our History

Paediatric neurology was recognised as a distinct medical specialisation only in 1959. The IMC's Paediatric Neurology Clinic founded in 1961 was the first such centre in Poland. It focused on a host of paediatric neurology problems: 

  • Methods of neurological examination of infants and newborns were developed with a set of criteria for early diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders;

  • Specialisation in treating epilepsy – the most frequent neurological disorder in children;

  • All paediatric neurologists across Poland were included in the training programme;

  • The first Polish textbook of paediatric neurology was published - the first paediatric EEG scan unit was opened in 1951 – foundations of Polish EEG scanning;

  • The first and only book on clinical paediatric EEG was published (Clinical Paediatric Elecroencephalography);

  • The Clinic has developed guidelines for all EEG scanning units in Poland: ‘Unification of EEG Scanning Techniques, Methods and Interpretation in Poland';

  • The clinic delivers unique in Poland poliphysiographic scanning of newborns and determines parameters and guidelines to determine the degree of malformation in the baby's nervous system in newborns from high risk groups;

  • We also conduct a unique in Poland tremorgraphic studies for early distinction between physiological and pathological tremors.

What we do

We diagnose and treat neurological diseases, in particular epilepsy, especially medication resistant epilepsy, non-epileptic seizures, degenerative neurological diseases, headaches and neurodevelopmental disorders in childhood;

  • Genetic testing of idiopathic generalised epilepsy, to deliver comprehensive diagnostics, treatment and genetic counselling in genetic epilepsy;
  • The clinic also conducts research, including grant projects

Clinic Structure

  • Paediatric Neurological Unit

  • Clinical Neurophysiology Lab

szczepanik-elzbieta Head of Clinic
Associate Professor Elżbieta Szczepanik
22 32 77 130
Main Building, 3rd floor
przywala-marzena Charge nurse
Marzena Przywała
22 32 77 153


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