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Our History

The Paediatric Surgery Clinic of the Institute of Mother and Child was established in 1953 by Prof. Wanda Poradowska in collaboration with the IMC Director Franciszek Groere. Since its beginnings, the Clinic provided medical services and care, consultation, research and post-graduate training. Already in its first years, it launched a number of teams specialising in the treatment of burns, thoracic surgery (Dr. Reszke), urology (Dr. Szymkiewicz), neurosurgery (Dr. Dąbrowski), plastic surgery (Dr. Jaworski), trauma (Dr. Lenkiewicz, Dr. Łodziński), and birth defects. Meanwhile, one of the Clinic's key objectives was to establish a paediatric surgery system in Poland. As part of expert supervision, the countrywide system of regional supervision was developed and implemented. The clinic also trained a group of child surgery specialists.

  1. In 1953, Prof. Poradowska was the first one in Poland to introduce a method of treating cleft lip and cleft palate. The method was later used for many years in operating rooms across Poland.
  2. In 1956, assisted by Prof. Łodziński, Prof. Poradowska performed a successful surgery on congenital oesophageal atresia. Since then the Clinic's priority has been operating on infants born with life-threatening birth defects. The Clinic's procedures in treating congenital malformations of the nervous system, the digestive system and the urinary system were adopted by numerous child surgery clinics around Poland.
  3. Since 1962, the Clinic's doctors have performed surgeries on hydrocephalus with the use of various types of shunt systems.
  4. In 1970–1974, working with American doctors, the Clinic developed guidelines for surgical treatment of meningocele in infants.
  5. In 1972, Surgical Lung Diseases in Childhood by Prof. Poradowska, Prof. Kubicz and Dr. Reszke was published in English.
  6. Working with Prof. Rondio, Prof. Poradowska opened Poland's first child anaesthesiology unit, which launched a school of child anaesthesiology to later spread across Poland. Currently, the Paediatric Surgery Clinic at the IMC provides two key types of care:
    • Surgery on infants with congenital defects requiring surgical intervention directly after birth, surgery on prematurely born infants born with body mass below 1000 g, treatment of congenital defects in infancy and in children at developmental age. The clinic annually treats between 80 and 100 infants requiring surgery and our youngest successfully treated patients were born with birth weight under 600 g. Besides that, the CLINIC annually treats over 1000 patients with defects that would require surgery in the future.

Surgery of craniofacial abnormalities: cleft lip and palate, facial cleft, facial abnormalities and neurocranium in children from infancy to adulthood. Over 800 such surgeries are performed annually by paediatric, oral and neurosurgeons. Patients with craniofacial abnormalities also receive comprehensive care from IMC's other specialists: orthodontists, speech therapists, ENT specialists and psychologists.


Second-degree specialists in pediatric surgery:

  • Włodzimierz Piwowar - MD, Ph.D. – Deputy Head of Clinic for treatment of craniofacial defects
  • Barbara Płoska-Urbanek, MD, Ph.D.
  • Andrzej Kowal, MD, Ph.D.
  • Maria Boczar, MD
  • Margareta Budner, MD
  • Orest Szczygielski, MD
  • Klaudia Żak, MD

In the course of specialization in pediatric surgery::

  • Zbigniew Surowiec, MD
  • Dariusz Mydlak, MD
  • Barbara Offert, MD
  • Magdalena Sidorowicz, MD
  • Łukasz Wieprzowsk, MD

Specialist in maxillofacial surgery:

  • Andrzej Brudnicki, MD
  • Ireneusz Damek, DDS

Clinic's Consultants:

  • Sławomir Barszcz, MD, Ph.D. – pediatric neurosurgeon
  • Beata Jurkiewicz, MD, Ph.D. – specialist in pediatric surgery, pediatric urology consultant


Our team is composed of paediatric and oral surgeons. IMC Paediatric Surgery Clinic focuses on treatment and research in three key areas:

  • general paediatric and neonatal surgery;
  • comprehensive treatment of craniofacial defects and developmental abnormalities of face and cranium;
  • treatment of congenital malformations of external genitourinary organs.

Our priority in general child surgery and infant surgery is the treatment of congenital and developmental malformations that require surgical intervention directly after birth, in infancy or early childhood.

The clinic has developed diagnostic and treatment standards for congenital defects of digestive system, abdominal walls, nervous system, etc. The neonatal surgery standards include also protocols for handling cases of diagnosed congenital defects (interdisciplinary team for prenatal and neonatal treatment formed in cooperation with the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic).
In cooperation with the Neonatology and Infant Intensive Therapy Clinic, we have developed protocols that are followed in surgical pathologies typical for premature infants with birth weight under 1000 g.

The Clinic also focuses on comprehensive treatment of congenital craniofacial abnormalities, including cleft lip, cleft palate, facial cleft, acrania. Our multi-discipline team of doctors treats patients from early infancy until adulthood.
The Clinic's unique achievement is a single-step treatment method for cleft lip and palate, as well as an innovative treatment method of Pierre Robin Syndrome, following an original paediatric surgery protocol.

Another important area of focus is surgical treatment of giant melanocytic naevi and haemangiomas. We also work with oncological clinics on removal of cancers from cranium and face. The clinic specialises also in the treatment of congenital defects of genitals such as Hypospadias.

Clinic structure

  • Oddział Ogólnochirurgiczny i Chirurgii Noworodka
  • Oddział Chirurgii Wad Twarzoczaszki
  • Oddział Chirurgii Szczękowo – Twarzowej
sawicka-ewa Head of Clinic
Associate Professor Ewa Sawicka Ph.D.
22 32 77 386
Main Building, 1st floor
bartosiak-hanna Charge Nurse
Hanna Bartosiak
22 32 77 123


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