One Day Clinic

Getting an appointment

Secretary's office : Tel.+48 22 32 77 450

Doctors' room: Tel. +48 22 32 77 104

Head of Clinic : Tel. +48 22 32 77 374

Fax: +48 22 32 77 374


Head of Clinic: Alicja Karney, M.D., PhD

Consultant of the Clinic: Prof. Barbara Kowalewska-Kantecka

Nurse: Teresa Szymańska

Secretary: Justyna Klimek


Poland's first same-day paediatric care clinic opened on 22 January 1997.

The Clinic developed and published standards of conduct as well as specific medical documentation, all of which were made available to physicians in many medical centres around Poland.


Two doctors with 2nd degree specialisation in paediatrics (including one with a PhD in medical sciences)

One doctor with 1st degree specialisation in paediatrics

Location: Main Building, ground floor, next to Admissions.


The Same-Day Paediatric Care Clinic offers a modern form of care for young patients. They are diagnosed and treated without hospitalisation. The Clinic deals with diagnostically challenging cases where previous ambulatory tests commissioned by the general practitioner have not explained the child's health problems. In most cases, those problems include: chronic and recurrent abdominal pain and headache, recurrent respiratory tract infections and urinary tract infections, deficiency of weight and height, obesity, hypertension, prolonged neonatal jaundice, abnormal psychomotor development and other conditions. The scope of diagnosis offered is often the same as during hospitalisation but the patient does not need medical care, nutrition or a bed in the evening or at night, and family members can stay with the child, which has a positive psychological effect.

The Clinic admits children from birth to 18 years of age.


Pathophysiology of Speech and Endoscopy of Upper Airways Laboratory

Patient admission procedure

  • Patient admission procedure

Patients are classified for admission on the basis of previously provided documentation (in person or by regular mail: the original referral, discharge diagnosis from the doctor in charge, containing a description of the patient's problem, previous tests and consultations, hospitalisations, treatment administered to date, records from specialist clinics). (Sample discharge diagnosis). We ask for patient data with the PESEL number, exact address of residence and a contact telephone number.

Having received the medical records, we review them and set the appointment date.

Parents are notified by phone about the appointment date and time.

On the day of the appointment, the patient should report to Admissions at about 8:30 a.m. The patient will be registered and directed to the Clinic.

Any child admitted to the Clinic must be accompanied by his/her legal guardian, even if the patient is over 16 years old.

Documents required at admission:

  • Referral to the Clinic
  • Child's medical records book
  • Child's PESEL number
  • Parent's/guardian's personal identity card (for legal guardians: court decision)
  • Medical records (previous tests, discharge documents from previous hospital stays), if any.

Patients stay at the Clinic until about 1–2 p.m.


Throughout his/her stay at the Clinic, the child is in the care of her/his parents or legal guardians.

karney-alicja Head of Clinic
Alicja Karney MD, Ph.D.
22 32 77 374
Main Building, Ground Floor at new Paediatric Admission.
kowalewska-kantecka-barbara Counsultant of the Clinic
Professor Barbara Kowalewska-Kantecka
22 32 77 104
szymanska-teresa Nurse
Teresa Szymańska
22 32 77 450
Main Building, Ground Floor at new Paediatric Admission


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