Central Laboratory of the IMC


  • The Laboratory participates in the R&D activities at the IMC;
  • The Laboratory performs diagnostic tests for the IMC and collaborating institutions;
  • It offers consultation in line with the standards applicable to laboratory diagnostics;
  • It participates in the postgraduate study programme offered within and outside the IMC;
  • It hosts specialisation residency for medical doctors and laboratory analysts; it provides practical training in laboratory diagnostics for students of clinical analytics.

The Central Laboratory offers tests to individuals and companies on a commercial basis in areas such as general analytics, clinical chemistry, haematology and coagulology, serology and microbiology. 

Information is available by phone at the above-mentioned phone number.

Biological material for analysis is collected in the blood collection room at the Clinic.


  • Reception Desk of the Central Laboratory
  • Analytics Laboratory
  • Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
  • Haematology and Coagulology Laboratory
  • Serology Laboratory
soluch-leszek Head of Laboratory
dr n. med. Leszek Soluch
22 32 77 167
Main Building, Ground Floor.