Nutrition Department

Scientific Activities

The Nutrition Department is involved in developing nutrition policy on food safety and nutrition of infants, children, adolescents and women during pregnancy and lactation.

The Department:

  • conducts scientific research in the area of physiological foundations of nutrition and eating disorders in children and adolescents, including insufficient body weight and simple obesity;
  • offers services in the field of medical and nutritional counselling as well as diet counselling;
  • carries out assessment and issues opinions on foodstuffs, including foodstuffs for special nutritional and medical uses, as well as water intended for infants and young children;
  • engages in educational activities in the field of medical issues, nutrition and diet.


Diet Laboratory

The Diet Laboratory:

  • develops nutrition guidelines for healthy children and children in various health conditions,
  • offers routine inspection of nutrition provided to children, pregnant and lactating women who are under the care of the IMC clinics,
  • engages in educational activities and training (student internships).
Nutrition Hygiene Laboratory

The Laboratory:

  • issues opinions and assessment of foodstuffs, including product for special nutritional and medical needs, as well as water,
  • develops lists of ingredients and standards for foodstuffs for special medical and nutritional uses,
  • provides consultations on the area of assessment of food and nutrition on the current market for foods intended for infants and young children.
weker-halina Head of Department
Associate Professor Halina Weker, MD, Ph.D.
22 32 77 234
Lipsk Building, 3rd Floor


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