Reproductive Health Department


The Department was founded in early 2007.

Scientific Activities

Conducting research in the field of gynaecology, and developing assessment indicators for health care of pregnant women, delivery and postpartum care, and, in particular, prevention of maternal morbidity and mortality.

Promotion of policies and strategies in the field of reproductive health.

Cooperation with institutions dealing with reproductive health.

Participation and organisation of postgraduate training organised within and outside the IMC as well as participation in courses, symposia and scientific conferences in Poland and other countries.

Initiating and conducting research projects, evaluations, and expert opinions.

Collaboration with clinics, wards and the polyclinic at the IMC.



Reproductive Health Analysis Laboratory
troszynski-michal Head of Reproductive Health Analysis Laboratory
professor Michał Troszyński
22 32 77 031


jakimiuk-artur Head of Departament
Professor Artur Jakimiuk
22 32 77 044
Building X, Wolski Hospital, 3rd floor


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