Our hospital pharmacy supplies all the organisational units of the IMC with medicinal products and medical devices. Given the special profile of our hospital, we prepare many prescription medicines on site, especially for our youngest patients.

Our pharmacy supervises medicines stored in hospital wards by performing periodic medicine management inspections. It also takes part in clinical studies conducted within the IMC and acts as an intermediary in accepting donated medicines.

Our pharmacy monitors adverse effects of drugs and transfers relevant information to the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocidal Products, and ensures constant supervision over medicines which have been withheld or withdrawn from the market.

Our pharmacy also collaborates in efforts to rationalise pharmacotherapy by taking an active part in the meetings of the Therapy Committee which approves amendments to the Hospital Formulary, as well as in meetings of the Hospital Infection Monitoring Team.

krysinska-magdalena Head of Pharmacy
Magdalena Krysińska
22 32 77 194
Lipsk Building, Low Floor.


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