Anthropology Unit

Required documents

• A referral from a doctor from an IMC clinic
• Child's medical records book

How to prepaire to examination

Before the examination, the child should take good sleep, take a rest and have a meal. It is best to perform the measurements in the morning hours or before noon, especially if children are treated with the growth hormone.

Before the body composition test using bioelectrical impedance (BIA) with a Tanita BC-418 MA device (test available from 7 years of age), the patient should be on an empty stomach or at least 2–3 hours after a meal. Patients should not:

  • drink large quantities of fluids immediately before the test,
  • use drugs that lower the level of water in the body,
  • perform physical exercises at least 12 hours or less before the test,
  • drink alcohol 24 hours or less before the test,
  • drink coffee and energy drinks 4 hours or less before the test,
  • wear ornaments and jewellery,
  • just before or during their menstruation.

The test is not performed in pregnant women.


The Unit conducts specialised tests studies to assess the level of physical development of children and adolescents. The tests consist of a series of measurements of somatic characteristics and calculation of body indices on this basis. Then, the results are compared against the relevant growth standards, i.e. similar characteristics and indicators in healthy children living in Warsaw.

The Unit provides:

  • assessment of nutritional status,
  • assessment of bodily dimensions, bodily proportions and nutritional status,
  • assessment of structure and proportions of the head,
  • assessment of body symmetry,
  • assessment of body composition.
Appointments 22 32 77 348
Patients are referred by IMC doctors on the day of their appointment
Opening hours Monday - Friday 8.30 - 14.00
Localisation Building A, 1st Floor, Room 119


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