Lactation Disorders Clinic

Admission rules

Appointments at the Clinic may be

  • provided free of charge under a contract with the National Health Fund (NFZ)

Required documents:
- a referral to the Neonatology Clinic from your GP
- the child's records book

  • provided against a fee.

            In the latter case no referral is required.

As a rule, the waiting time for an appointment does not exceed one day. As a rule, patients are seen on the same day because the problem needs to be addressed very quickly.

Breastfeeding women are asked to come to the Clinic with their babies. The baby should not be breastfed directly before the appointment (the last feeding should take place approx. 1–2 hours before the appointment).
Duration: first appointment: 1–1.5 hours, a follow-up appointment: approx. 1 hour.

Business Counseling

  • counselling for pregnant women and breastfeeding women with regard to problems associated with lactation; diagnosing breastfeeding failure and solving related problems,
  • developing guidelines to solve breastfeeding problems,
  • assessing the efficacy of lactation counselling.

We recommend consultations at our Clinic in the following cases:

  • technical problems with latching the baby onto the breast,
  • improper weight gain or lack of weight gain in breastfed babies,
  • concerns that the breast milk quantity is either insufficient or excessive, or there is no milk in the breasts,
  • milk stasis, mastitis, breast abscess,
  • sore nipples,
  • lactation induction:
    • re-lactation,
    • induced lactation in adoptive mothers,
  • the need to slow down lactation in the case of oversupply (without weaning the baby),
  • coordination of suckling disorders in babies previously fed through a bottle with a teat or via a nipple shield or babies who were given a pacifier,
  • consultation for breastfed babies with suspected ankyloglossia (short lingual fraenulum),
  • maintaining lactation in women separated from their babies, due to hospitalisation of either the mother or the baby, and for other reasons,
  • counselling for women preparing to breastfeed.

Consultations are offered by medical doctor. Advice by phone is only available with regard to medication used during lactation.

Entries: 22 32 77 370
Hours: pn. - pt. 9.00 - 15.00
Localization: Building A, 1st Floor, Room 107


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