Collecting your medical records

Providing medical records

The Institute provides each Patient with access to medical records regarding his or her health condition. Medical documentation may be made available by making a copy or an excerpt.

You can receive the documentation in person at the seat of the Institute or, at your request, it can be sent by registered letter upon addition cost or by e-mail to the address provided.

We recommend that you start by submitting an Application for medical documentation to the Central Registration (building A, ground floor, entrance 2).

Please complete the applications carefully and sign the documents before submission - the application can be sent by traditional mail or by e-mail:

Personal collection of medical records takes place at the Central Registration

Please remember that in accordance with the Act on Patient Rights and Patient Rights Ombudsman, a minor patient who has reached 16 years of age must consent to the issuance of medical documentation even to his legal guardians.

Applications for medical documentation are processed immediately (we try to make it a maximum of 30 days from submitting the application). Upon receipt of medical documentation, payment must be made at the Central Registration (Building A, entrance 2, ground floor).

Fees for providing medical documentation are collected in accordance with the price list applicable at the Institute, Chapter XX.I Other Services.

To make it easier for you to complete the formalities and shorten the waiting time, we have prepared the following templates of letters.

Patterns of letters

If necessary, the necessary information will be provided by:

  • By phone: Call Center employees from Monday to Thursday 07:30 to 18:00 at the telephone number: / 22/32 77 050
  • In person: Central Registration Employees from 07:30 to 15:00
  • Email contact:

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