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You can get an appointment at one of our clinics by contacting the call centre from Monday to Thursday, between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm.

Please contact the call centre at:

22 32 77 050

22 32 77 051


Rules for Admission - The right to healthcare services

Pursuant to the Act, the right to treatment and healthcare services on the terms specified therein is attributable to the insured, namely:

  • all persons covered with the nation-wide mandatory and voluntary health insurance at the National Health Fund;
  • members of the insured’s family registered for insurance.


Treatment of EU patients in Poland under the cross-border directive


The Institute provides care to cross-border patients in accordance with Polish legislation as well as UE directives. Foreigners living or temporarily staying in Poland and receiving health care benefits may obtain them under two separate legal systems:

  • in the framework of the EU coordination of social security systems, or
  • health care provided in accordance with the provisions of the cross-border directive and the act implementing the provisions of the directive.

Each of these systems is governed by different laws and imposes various obligations on individuals who benefit from these systems. Selecting one of them is at the discretion of the patient.

Patients can find information on the website of National Contact Point for cross-border healthcare:

POLAND: National Health Fund Website:

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