Patient’s rights

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Patient's rights

Patient’s rights

All patients are informed about their rights & responsibilities (such as the right to informed consent; concerning their own health; access to their medical records; the right to privacy, etc.) which are determined by national laws and regulations, as well by hospital regulations.

Patient’s rights

For more information:

Headquarters of the National Health Fund (ul. Grójecka 186, 02-390 Warszawa, phone: 800 392 976 – call centre; 22 572 60 42 – call centre;

The Ombudsman for Patients (The Office of the Ombudsman for Patients, ul. Młynarska 46, 01-171 Warszawa; The Ombudsman for Patients’ Call-Centre: 800- 190- 590, e-mail:

Polish Ombudsman – to the Representative in charge of Protection of Patient Rights and the Rights of the Disabled (00-090 Warszawa, Al. Solidarności 77, operator: 022 551 77 00; 800 676 676;

In the event of harm or impairment on the part of the insured, they may refer the case (against a healthcare unit) to a court under a civil law proceeding. In the event of a suspected criminal act, however, patients shall have the right to submit a complaint to the prosecutor’s office.


IMC provides patients with clear and transparent information about the complaints procedures and remedies and forms of redress available for both domestic and foreign patients.

Patients and families can make complaints, report a violations of rights or just submit any opinion or comments through the Institute’s chancellery. It is also possible to arrange a meeting with the Institute’s Director and present the complaints or contact the Commissioner for Patients' Rights.

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