Parents and guardians staying at the IMC

At IMC, we understand that parents or guardians need to stay with their child at the ward, also at night.

We provide parents and/or guardians with a bed or a mattress and bedsheets. Clinics offer a kettle, a microwave and a refrigerator for use by parents/guardians. The Oncological Surgery Clinic also has a common room available.

Since the stay of parents and/or guardians is not reimbursed by the National Health Fund and it generates costs for the IMC, we charge a fee to cover the hospital’s costs associated with the parents’/guardians’ use of sanitary facilities, bedsheets, as well as the cost of cleaning and waste disposal.

The current fees for a stay of an accompanying person can be found in the last section (XX.I) of the  IMC price list.  They are charged in accordance with Ordinance No. 27/2009 of the Director of the Institute of Mother and Child of 17 June 2009 regarding payment for health care services provided at the Institute of Mother and Child.

For more information about rules at our units, please refer to specific sets of rules:

  • Rules of Department of Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Paediatrics
  • Rules of Paediatric Neurology Clinic
  • Rules of Paediatric Surgery Clinic
  • Rules of Department of Oncology and Surgical Oncology for Children and Youth

A stay at a hospital is a very difficult time for a child and his/her parents or guardians. We ask parents to share helpful tips with those who are newly admitted, in case they have questions and seek help. Everyone is usually confused during their first hours at a hospital ward and has no idea about the rules in the ward. Kind words from other parents who are at the hospital because of their child’s condition can be immensely helpful.

When staying with your child, please observe the general rules of good coexistence, respect privacy and the right to express feelings.

Please make sure that you:

  • do not make judgments about newly arriving parents with a child at the ward or hospital room,
  • let others have a moment of weakness and mutual consolation: it is best to leave the room for a moment or, if this is not possible, just pretend that you are busy with something else,
  • stay quiet, especially in the evening and at night (do not make noise or speak on the phone loudly, please set your mobile phone to silent mode),
  • do not make comments or express a surprise that a child is crying loudly or is fretful; your child might also have a bad moment or have problems sleeping at night; please remember that hospital rooms are for children who are ill rather than healthy,
  • pay attention not only to your child but to other young patients as well,
  • keep the area around your child’s bed tidy and observe the hospital rules, especially concerning the times of doctors’ rounds and meals; after all, they have been set to help you and your children.

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