School classes, play time and free time


A school complex No. 104 has been in operation at the IMC in Warsaw for many years. The school complex includes:

  • Primary School No. 283,
  • Gymnasium No. 65.

Pedagogic care and education is provided for schoolchildren aged 7–15.
Younger and older patients can take part in classes conducted by tutors in each ward.

The schools enable the young patients to exercise their right to schooling and to fulfil their mandatory schooling obligations. Students cover the syllabuses for various subjects which are taught at their home schools. This prevents children from lagging behind school work and helps them to catch up with any school classes they may have missed.

At our school, children can pursue their interests thanks to our broad range of activities and classes. Children who actively participate in classes can get a certificate with grades which they can present at their home school.
Children and youth can take part in artistic events, meetings with interesting people and contests organised at the hospital.

Director of the School Complex No. 104:
Ms. Agnieszka Żebrowska
Telephone: +48 22 32 77 365

Responsible body:
Education Board, Warsaw City Hall, ul. Górskiego 7, 00-033 Warsaw.
Pedagogical supervision body:
Board of Education, Al. Jerozolimskie 32, 00-024 Warsaw.

There are tutors in each unit to take care of patients and organise their time, especially for patients under six years of age. School classes are offered to children aged 7–15. We invite you to read more about our school.
Each ward has a day-care room or a play room. Clinics also have a collection of books for patients at all ages. Courtesy of Technikolor, wards have large collections of DVDs with films.
The IMC organises many attractions for its patients, such as meetings with famous people and sports stars, as well as artistic events. Various foundations organise interesting activities to help patients spend their time in an interesting way. Young patients can also get support from volunteers. Throughout the day and night nurses and doctors take care of patients, and in the morning and afternoons educationists are also available to take care of our young patients.

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