Things to take to hospital – a checklist

When preparing your child to stay at hospital, please make sure to take the following:

  • Hygiene: soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair comb and towel,
  • Clothing: underwear, pyjamas, comfortable clothes (e.g. a track suit), socks and slippers,
  • Favourite toys, games and books,
  • School books, notebooks and school supplies for children aged 7–15. Our patients from this age group can participate in school lessons,
  • The child’s medical records book and previous medical records (for more information, please refer to ‘Essential documents’)

Patients are also allowed to use their own electronic equipment (e.g. radio and cassette players, mp3 players). Please do not bring or leave any valuable items around. Our staff cannot be responsible for any items left in the ward.

Please make sure to bring clean underwear and clothes regularly.

If you plan to stay with your child at the ward, please make sure to bring essential items for yourself as well.

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