Help for patients from Ukraine

In the face of the escalation of the armed conflict in Ukraine, we are starting a fundraiser for the supply and support of Ukrainian citizens referred to the Institute of Mother and Child, including pregnant women and parents with children. Among the necessary measures are, among others hygienic articles, clothes, food products. It will also be necessary to provide transport and accommodation for families.

Funds can be deposited directly into the Foundation’s EURO account


[IBAN] PL83 2490 0005 0000 4600 2108 2755


The Institute received the prestigious ‘HR Excellence in Research’ logo


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The logo is awarded by the European Commission to European scientific institutions which implement the provisions of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. By implementing the Charter and Code's rules, the institutions agree to develop attractive working environment and open, transparent recruitment of researchers.

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'internal analysis Institute of Mother and Child

Internal Review

The OTM-R package is a set of ready-made tools for implementation at universities and research institutions in order to provide an Open, Transparent and Merit-Based Recruitment (OTM-R) of researchers based on the candidate's qualifications.

OTM-R is one of the key aspects ensuring the availability and openness of the labour market for researchers in the European Union.

The OTM-R package includes: 
- analysis of the benefits of open, transparent and merit-based recruitment of researchers based on the candidate's qualifications, 
- principles and guidelines for the organization of the OTM-R process, 
- a checklist for institutions, 
- tips on how to improve the recruitment process, 
- examples of good practices.

The implementation of the OTM-R principles may have significant impact on intensifying international cooperation in the field of scientific research, as well as increasing the effectiveness of the entire system of employing researchers.

Report of the Working Group of the Steering Group of Human Resources Management under the European Research Area

more information on  „HR Excellence in Research”:

OTM-R in the Institute of Mother and Child

Good practices_OTMR


Regulations of the competition commission

Scientific promotion procedures.pdfAnnex 3_Regulations for the evaluation of scientific and technical achievements




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