Head of Doctoral Studies

Professor IMiD Anna Fijałkowska Ph.D. M.D.


Academic activity:

Her academic achievements include 90 works (total IF: 126.705), cited more than 830 times. She is an author and co-author of chapters in textbooks, a deputy co‑ordinator of two Polish POLKARD programmes: ZATPOL and PHPOL, a researcher under research projects and grants, the local co‑ordinator of an EU grant under the Fifth Framework Programme.

Teaching activity:

A lecturer in numerous post-graduate courses in the field of cardiology of pregnant women, pulmonary embolism, right ventricular function, pulmonary hypertension and echocardiography; chief scientist at courses offered by the CMKP (Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education in Warsaw), an organiser of many scientific conferences, a co-organiser of two international congresses of the Polish Cardiac Society, a lecturer at the Medical University of Warsaw.

She is a member of the Polish Cardiac Society, the Polish Respiratory Society, the European Respiratory Society and the European Society of Cardiology, a member of the Commission for Training and Guidance at the Polish Cardiac Society.


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