The IMC Foundation

Foundation of the Institute of Mother and Child
17a Kasprzaka  street
01-211 Warsaw
tel.: (+48) 22 32 77 426


Foundation Council:

Professor Monika Bekiesińska-Figatowska
Agnieszka Graczyk, Msc.
Professor Artur Jakimiuk
Tomasz Maciejewski MD, PhD

Foundation Board:

President of the board:
Dorota Kleszczewska


The Foundation of the Institute of Mother and Child aims to act for the protection of patients' health and promotion of preventive healthcare among children, youth and pregnant women. Our main role is to provide help to patients and their families. The Foundation is linked to the IMC and directly supports it. In order to fulfil its mission, the Foundation collaborates with the scientific community, organises training events and lectures and broadly defined activities aimed at protecting health of Polish citizens. We also aim to raise funds for the maintenance of medical equipment and development of medical and scientific centres, thus ensuring the best quality of services possible.

The Foundation commenced its operations in March 2014.

Statutory goals of the Foundation

Working to promote health and health care.

Promoting health prevention among children, youth and pregnant women.

Providing assistance to patients, including measures to offer psychological support for patients and their families.

Taking measures to provide health care facilities with medical equipment and medicines; providing comprehensive assistance in ensuring suitable working conditions at health care facilities.

Taking measures to support innovative solutions in diagnostics, treatment and prevention.

Supporting and disseminating scientific activities.

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